Mario Davidovsky: An Introduction, Agni 50, 1999.
Upon meeting composer Mario Davidovsky, one cannot help but be quickly won over by his openness, warmth, and intensity. There is an immediate, yet respectful sense of intimacy in the way that he readily shares his thoughts and passions about everything from the state of culture and the history of art and religion to the details of his latest carpentry project. View the article or download a PDF.

The Music of Mario Davidovsky, volume 3.
Liner Notes for Bridge Records 9171 (2005 release).
Looking back with the advantage of our early twenty-first century perspective, it seems obvious that Mario Davidovsky is one of the truly original musical voices to have emerged from post war America. Yet Davidovsky’s music is paradoxical. Download a PDF of the full text

Composing From Memory: the convergence of archive creation and electroacoustic composition
Accepted for publication in Organised Sound published by Cambridge University Press, copyright 2005 Eric Chasalow. Download a PDF.

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