Eric Chasalow

Instruments and Fixed Media

Where it Finds Nothing But the Wind Where it Finds Nothing But the Wind (2013) ten texts from the Dead Sea Scrolls. for soprano, fl, guitar, perc. In ten mvts. (30 minutes) 

Shatter and Glide (2012-13) string trio and electronics. In three movements. Network for New Music commission

I’m Just Sayin’ (2012) string quartet and electronics. The Lydian String Quartet commission.

Scuffle and Snap On That Swirl of Ending Dust (2011) fl,cl,vln,vc,prc,pn, electronics. In four movements. New York New Music Ensemble and Chamber Music America commission.

Incident and Scatter (2012) for fl, cl, vln, vc, prc, pn and electronics. Talea commission. 18:00

Are You Radioactive, Pal? (2010) alto saxophone and electronic sound. In three movements.
Scuffle and Snap Scuffle and SnapScuffle and Snap (2010) violin and electronic sound.

The Fundamental Object (2004-05) — viola

Scuffle and Snap Trois Espaces du Son (2004) — piano, percussion

Due Cinta Mani Due (Cinta)mani (2002) — piano

What is Danced What is Danced…(and what is not) (2002) — harp

In a Manner of Speaking (2000) — bass clarinet

Suspicious MotivesSuspicious Motives (1999) — flute, clarinet, violin, 'cello

Scuse Me'Scuse Me (1998) — electric guitar

Out of Joint (1994) — trumpet

Fast Forward (1988) — percussion

Over The Edge (1986) — flute

The Furies (1984) — soprano

Hanging in the Balance (1983) — 'cello

Reverses (1980) — improvisers (any instruments)

Verses and Fragments (1979) — horn, percussion