The Video Archive of the Electroacoustic Music
Eric Chasalow and Barbara Cassidy, curators

Stravinsky, for example, had a heart attack there, he got so excited...it was a terrible moment... Milton Babbitt

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Currently comprising about 50 hours of digitally recorded interviews, The Video Archive of the Electroacoustic Music began in 1996 out of our desire to capture a first-person history of the pioneering composers, scientists, and engineers from 1950 to present. Age and illness have since claimed several interview subjects and many other potential subjects. Luciano Berio, Earl Brown, Herbert Brün, David Lewin, and Iannis Xenakis have all died in recent years, underscoring the urgency of this work, if it is to be as inclusive and broad as we envision.

Alice Alice Shields on Transformation of Ani Bebe
Bebe Barron on Forbidden Planet
Chatter Paul Lansky on Idle Chatter Dodge Charles Dodge on Speech Songs Mario 1 Mario Davidovsky on the EMC
Mario 2 Mario Davidovsky on Synchronisms No. 6
Max Matthews on MUSIC I
Mel Mel Powell on the EMC Milton Milton Babbit on the EMC Milton Milton Babbitt on Phonemena
Milton Milton Babbitt on the RCA Mark II Milton Milton Babbitt on handwritten soundtracks Daria Semegen on Bülent Arel Smith David Smith on the "invention" of MIDI

All of the interviews were shot in miniDV format and are of a very high quality. Some of these video clips however are highly edited and compressed (with apologies). Others are unedited and of a higher resolution to give a better idea of the master quality. You need Apple Quicktime to view these videos.

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